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לקוחותינו נהנים מביטוח התכולה הטוב ביותר בענף.

רישיונות והיתרים

רישיונות וההיתרים הדרושים שמבטיחים שקט נפשי.

אבטחה 24X7

אבטחה מלאה כולל שמירה אנושית 24 שעות ביממה.

שירות מעולה

צוות המומחים שלנו זמין לשירותכם.

לייעוץ והצעות מחיר

התקשרו 077-470-6223
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Storage Tevat Noa Israel

A variety of storage rooms for every purpose- All  terms storage

Whether you are abroad or intend to spending time abroad, moving home , import stokes or just need additional storage space for as long as you need – Tevat Noach is the safer and perfect place to storage your personal belongings, possessions tools and all your equipment.

Household items, furniture, equipment of all types, computers, TV and other goods

Stokes of all types and other goods Storage Tevat Noa Israel

Oil paintings, sculptures, art galleries

Production companies, sound and stage equipment and much more

  • Concrete storage structure
  • Center connection security company
  • Guardian 24/7
  • Rooms of various sizes
  • Lockrooms
  • Dailyaccess
  • Private yard clients
  • Handicap access
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Insurance
  • Most importantly, courteous and professional service

In addition to warehouses and storage renta, we market packaging materials such as; cartons, nylon spandex, nylon bubbles ect .(

Tevat Noach storage located in Rishon le zion, Central Israel,
close to 'West Rishon' exit from Route 4

Contact Us for impression visit 050-999-7434

We will be happy to service you.

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